Recommended reading for web developers

Dont’ Make me Think! A common sense approach to web usability.

Because if you’re going to all the time and trouble of building a website you want people to actually be able to use it. There really is a lot of common sense in this book, and a lot of hard truths – it changed the way I approach web design.


HTML5 & CSS3 for the real world

Fantastic guide to HTML5 and CSS3. It covers all the basics, and explains how and when to use all the new HTML elements which I find invaluable.  I refer to this constantly as I’m working.


Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook

A well written and interesting book about the theory and practice of web standards. It’s a quick read and has lot’s of practical advice and usage guidance . This one is sat on my desk and gets regular use as a reference. There’s not a lot of theory about why standards are important here though, so if that’s what you’re looking for I’d advise starting somewhere else.


Responsive Web Design and Mobile First

Two short books from A Book Apart, the people behind A List Apart. Between them they cover everything you need to get started with responsive web design. Another couple of books that are sat on my desk full of post it notes. I used these every day when I started building responsive sites!


Simply Javascript

The book to get if you want to learn how to use Javascript properly and not just hack at it. Just brilliant, and the exercises are fun to do! It’s aimed at beginners, but you’ll need to at least know HTML and CSS before you start with this.  I found it easy to follow but I’d already being programming in other languages for a few years when I got this. Get the free preview first to see if you’ll get on with this book!

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