Best of the Web – July 2017 Roundup


Why we can’t resist the lure of mermaids

‘Chinks in the world machine’ – on the casting of the 13th Doctor Who

My Curls Have Blown All the Way to China – Short Story

How to Sell a Billion-Dollar Myth Like a French Girl

How to do Light Graffiti – All You Need is a Camera and a Torch

The Untold History of Aretha Franklin’s Irrevocable “Respect”

Women In Wrestling Have Taken A Hard Road To Get To Where They Are Now

Booze in space: how the universe is absolutely drowning in the hard stuff

How Do You Evaluate Health Claims?

Is this what the west is really like?’ How it felt to leave China for Britain

How your pile of laundry fills the sea with plastic pollution

You can thank Anita Sarkeesian for being able to play Emily in ‘Dishonored 2’

Is Machine Learning Sexist?

Online trolls mustn’t be allowed to intimidate journalists

‘Diversity isn’t well represented’ – Firm to create inclusive range of nude tights

There Are No Real ‘Safe Zones’ and There Never Have Been

There’s only one woman on the UK Brexit negotiating team – here’s why that matters

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