Best of the Web – July 2018 Link Roundup

Annie Easley - NASA
Annie Easley – NASA

A bumper edition this time around because I’ve skipped a few months #sorrynotsorry

The Trailblazing Human Computer Who Represented a New Age of Working Women – As an African American woman working at NASA in the 1950s, Annie Easley ushered in a new way for women to work and dress

The Defiant Ones: As young girls, they fought the fierce battle to integrate America’s schools half a century ago

Why there is power and pleasure in going unnoticed

Stanford researcher examines how people perceive interruptions in conversation

Your Spotify history could help predict what’s going on with the economy

Why I Don’t Leave the House Without Putting on Black Eye Shadow

What About “The Breakfast Club”? Revisiting the movies of my youth in the age of #MeToo.

Restoring Power to the Women of Ancient Myth

Tragically and fashionably, The Crow turned superhero cinema into a death dance

Can You Overdose on Happiness?

The Future of Self-Improvement, Part II: The Dilemma of Coaching Yourself

The NFL’s plan to protect America from witches

Why we should all be using Windows 95

The Vanishing World of Neon Motel Signs

My Chemical Relaxer: what it’s like to grow up black and emo

The Royal Wedding: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know — and Some Things You Didn’t

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