Best of the Web – March 2017 Roundup

roller derby in Egypt

Meet The Women Leading The Roller Derby Revival In Egypt, Challenging Perceptions Of Arab Women

Austerity isn’t working for everyone – especially women

Maya Angelou, The Art of Fiction No. 119

Watch Powerful Women Turn Athleticism Into Activism

Why gluten-free food is not the healthy option and could increase your risk of diabetes

Beatrice the Biologist: This ex biology teacher’s science comic is winning the internet

Runaround by Issac Asimov

Roxane Gay: By the Book

FREQ #13: How to Make an Escape Room

The understandable fear of nuclear weapons doesn’t match reality

Flexing muscle (stem cells) with Jyotsna

A Bookstore Is Displaying All Books By Men Backward, And It’s Eye-Opening

The Awkward Politics of the Oscars

Two Women Are Lab-Hopping Across India To Share Inspiring Stories Of Women In Science

What We Lose When We Give Awards to Men Like Casey Affleck

This Teen Survived Civil War & The Ebola Epidemic To Become Sierra Leone’s 1st Female Surfer

sierra leone surfer

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