Best of the Web – November 2017 Link Roundup

what we do in the shadows - vampire housemate washing up

What We Do in the Shadows is unmissable – whether you like vampires or not

Seeing Earth from Outer Space

The Forgotten Female Codebreaker Who Helped America Defeat the Nazis

The Americanisation of the English language: a frightfully subtle affair

Tidying up

A Sense of Appreciation Is the Single Most Sustainable Motivator at Work

These Are The Real Female Skaters Of The UK

She Giggles, He Gallops

Christin Rose on her career and her much-loved photo series of young female athletes #ShePlaysWeWin

The feminist case for not using 

Here’s the truth about false accusations of sexual violence

40 Ways To Live A Full Life (And Leave Nothing On The Table)

Why Do People Expect Women To Smile?

Battle of the Sexes: four decades after Billie Jean King’s triumph, women still fight for equal billing in sports

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