Best of the Web – September 2016 Roundup

Automaton playing the piano

The Hidden Side of Success: Real Scientists Share Stories of Turning Around Failure

Talking in many tongues – why more is better when it comes to languages

How Not to Talk to a Woman Wearing Headphones

Book cover archive

Why zebra refused to be saddled with domesticity

On Being a Black Female Math Whiz During the Space Race

Why Dressing Your Age is Bullshit (& Other Fashion Myths Debunked!)

Who says female TV characters always have to be ‘strong’?

Why the Hairstyles in Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ are so Important

Reading lists are the new mixtapes

Why isn’t there a gene for depression?

Vladimir Putin’s Walkable Streets

How a mining engineer’s invention made pop singers all sound the same

Sorry David Attenborough, we didn’t evolve from ‘aquatic apes’ – here’s why

How ‘robots’ of the Enlightenment era gave us an early glimpse of automation

The Perfectionist Trap

Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World

In Praise of Female Friendship

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