Best of the Web – September 2018 Link Roundup

amy santiago

The Character Who Made Me Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Curious Kids: how does our heart beat?

Joseph Campbell on Why Perfectionism Kills Love and the Pathway to Bliss in Romantic Relationships

The Talent Myth: Are smart people overrated?

Fear of Better Options (FOBO) is The Reason You Can’t Make a Tough Decision

FTSE firms’ excuses for lack of women in boardrooms ‘pitiful and patronising’

The Difference Between Being Broke and Being Poor

Binders full of Women

Descend Into Great Britain’s Network of Secret Nuclear Bunkers

How to Be Better at Parties

Someone clever once said  Women were not allowed pockets

‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice

The Dark History of Hysteria


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The Ann Friedman Weekly

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