9 Christmas Films for Geeks

christmas-films-for-geeksMy favourite thing about Christmas is the Christmas Lectures, even though I always manage to miss most of them. I’m not good at keeping up with tv.  My second favourite thing about Christmas though is the Christmas Films! These are the Christmas films I love, ranging from comedies, to monster films and including some old favourites. These are Christmas films for geeks, perfect for those that want to feel christmassy without getting sentimental!

What are your favourite Christmas films?


monster christmas films - gremlins

I only saw this for the first time last year, I don’t know why I waited so long to watch it. It’s a great Christmas film for geeks, piles of snow, cute fuzzy creatures, a love story and lots of violence and mayhem!

Troll Hunter

monster christmas films - troll hunter

This isn’t set at Christmas, but it has some snow in it, therefore it counts.

Die Hard

action christmas films - die hard

As Gremlins, but with a rather attractive Bruce Willis instead of fuzzy creatures! I watch this every Christmas without fail.

Rare Exports – A Christmas Tale

horror christmas films - rare exports

A Finnish horror film, you will never think of Santa Claus the same way after watching this. A perfect Christmas film for geeks because it’s subtitled, a little (ok, a lot) out of the ordinary, and it’s slowly becoming a cult Christmas film.

Dead Snow

My boyfriend made me put this in. It’s full of snow and zombies and plenty of gore. It is rather crap but a lot of fun.


Live action version of the Terry Pratchett story where Death has to play the Hogfather at Christmas time.

The Never Ending Story

Not set at Christmas, and I don’t think there’s any snow in it but for some reason this makes me feel very Christmassy. Maybe because it’s been on tv every Christmas since forever. Bring back that cosy feeling of being a child on Christmas day!


Lovely version of a lovely story!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Almost set at Christmas, like true geeks we saw this at the old Hyde Park picture house in Leeds last Saturday night. Very funny, the bit where John Candy is driving the wrong way on a motorway is genius!

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