Christmas Shopping in York, Secret Santa, and Tea and Peanut Butter Cups

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas! Mine has been very busy, this is the first day I’ve had to sit down by myself for an hour. Lee took me shopping inYork for my Christmas present mid-December. It was very icy and rainy so it wasn’t very busy, we drank mulled wine in the rain and had tea and (home-made) cake in Coffee Culture – a lovely little coffee shop hidden away in a tiny old building.


We do a Secret Santa with our friends every year, but with hand-made presents instead of shop bought. This year I knitted a pair of Super Mario gloves, with the mushroom on the front! I’m very proud of them because I’ve only ever knitted simple things like scarves before, apart from the Barbie clothes I used to knit when I was little but they were tiny so I don’t think they count.  Lee got a dino hat as his present! And mine was a robot model and a fridge magnet made from Fimo.

I got the pattern for the Super Mario mushrooms from Vickie Howell’s blog -they are sewn onto the finished gloves.

Guiwenneth bought me a tea cup with a quote from Little Women ‘She is too found of books and it has turned her brain’. She also made some peanut butter cups. My friends know me so well!

Now we’re getting ready for the dinner party we’re giving this evening – Happy New Year! See you in 2013.

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