Competitive Advantage in Email Marketing talk

This is the third in my series of notes from the talks I attended at the eCommerce Expo in Manchester. I have also posted my notes from the Evolution of SEO talk and the Return on Investement (ROI) talk.

Competitive Advantage in email Marketing

Mark Patron – Red Eye

Marketing Automation in email is personalised emails that are event triggered. It uses behavioural data and takes into account mobile and social. The DMI esitimate ROI for marketing automation to be £21.28 for every £1 spent, only natural search comes close to this.

When starting email marketing it tends to be volume driven, about the size of the list and the send volumes. Optimising email marketing usually starts with targeting content by segmenting the audience by demographics. For greater retention and automation more data is needed on the customer lifecycle and conversions. This allows further segmentation.

Databases need to collate email and website data. They need to have multichannel outputs. They need to collect data from direct marketing, call centres, surveys and campaigns, as well as from websites. They should store data on products that have been viewed.

Relevance and recency drive results. For example, Amazon recommendations that are based on other products the user has viewed and purchased,  and recently viewed products work well. Triggered email gives the best results and can be combined with behavioural data.

Plan campaigns multichannel. Abandoned baskets can be segmented into new and returning customers, and first abandoned basket can trigger an email – offering free delivery perhaps.

Always test and optimise landing pages.

In email testing subject line is tested the most, but testing landing pages and target audiences are the most effective.

Segmenting by engagement. Someone who opens emails, goes to the website, buys products could be sent a weekly email. A cold prospect who has never bought anything and rarely visits the website could be sent emails at 6 month intervals.

Behavioural emails grows customer life cycle value. Targeted emails during life cycle make customers feel valued rather than pestered.

Right offer, right person, right time, right channel.



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