DotYork 2016 – Continuous Learning – Talk Notes

If you can explain it to someone else you know you’ve understood it. It helps your own understanding, even if it’s just in your own notebook.

T-shaped people, breadth of shallow knowledge, in depth specific knowledge.

Mentoring – Charlotte Jackson

Learn to feel comfortable with potentially looking like an idiot. Accept feeling out of your comfort zone. Imposter syndrome – how do I contribute. It’s ok to say that you don’t know something.

Full stack overflow developer – copy / paste code instead of learning it. Levelling up. Spent hours refreshing the wrong page.

Share knowledge, talk to other developers. Find the right level of challenge, build up your self-confidence. Code reviews. Open industry where everyone helps each other.

Mentoring is incredibly rewarding. Arrange meetups. Show up. Learn from each other. Try reverse mentoring where the less experienced person is the mentor. Junior teaches the senior, the junior can test their knowledge by explaining things to someone else, the senior gets fresh insight and ideas, a different way of doing things.

Sharing what you learn helps other people learn. You never know when someone might find it useful. No matter how much or little you think you know, there is always more to learn and always more to teach.

Continuous learning is a way of life for the curious – Christian Payne

Christian Payne at DotYork 2016
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Curiosity gets beaten out of us at school. 4 year olds ask hundreds of questions a day. Albert Einsten said “It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.”

Travel, absorb, and say yes to everything. Travelling taught me I didn’t have to do just one thing to earn money. Can you do this? “Yes!”

Talking, teaching, documenting.

Training is an event, learning is what we do daily.

Preparation – feed your brain. Incubation, illumination, verification.

Keep a to-do list (Proud).

Twitter – follow smarter, leaner, quicker people.


Daily run. No headphones.

Diarist. Day one app.

Learning through play.

Every day I empty my bag and ask “Do I need this. Is there something that will do this better.”

Christopher Murphy

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