Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus

The Night Circus

Although it’s more than two years since I read The Night Circus, I still think about it every now and then. I think that’s a sign of the impact it had on me. It is a beautifully written book, one I could easily have finished in a day – locking myself away from the world and just curling up with a big mug of tea.

It’s a story about magic, and love, and duty and it’s all wrapped up in a story about a magical circus. Part of the reason this book works so well it’s cast of strange and wonderful characters.

Even the secondary characters in The Night Circus have a lot of personality, and it feels as though Erin loves them as much, if not more than the main characters. They spark off the pages, and really bring the book to life.

Definitely time I read it again.

Have you read The Night Circus? What did you think of it?

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The Night CIrcus


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