Geek T-Shirts, Zombie Film Festivals, and Helen the Hobbit

I love a good t-shirt, especially if it’s a bit geeky. I also love Dr Who, and Star Wars, so I couldn’t resist this t-shirt from Qwertee. I’ve since bought 3 more from them in different designs, I think I’m a little bit obsessed.




My boyfriend Lee likes to call me the hobbit – because I’m short, not because I have scary feet! So you can imagine his delight when we came across this in Sainsbury’s a couple of months ago..


Lee and I went to visit my friend Guwinneth from The Craft Fantastic recently, and stopped by Collectormania while we we there. We didn’t manage to get any good photos of anything at Collectormania because it was just so busy you could barely breathe.

We went to the big shopping centre in Milton Keynes afterwards, and came across this metal predator statue! If we had the money it would have come home with us.


Having Sunday lunch in the sun with the lovely ladies guwinneth and Naomi from The Craft Fantastic.
We also went to the Leeds Zombie film festival again this year. My boyfriend made himself up as a zombie for the day! I know I’m biased, but I think his was the best costume of the day. He scared me good in the morning, jumping out on me as I walked down the stairs!

They had some good films on at the festival this year, I recommend Cockneys vs Zombies for a bit of turn off your brain fun, and Harold’s Going Stiff for a different, slower, and quite moving take on the zombie idea.


New rings from Regal Rose, and Hypnotic Topshop nail varnish from the Sisters of the New Moon collection last year.
Regal Rose rings and Topshop Nail Varnish

Recent baking – both Mary Berry recipes! Sticky Cornish cake and Mary Berry’s scones.




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  1. Collector Mania was good, if a bit hectic! I feel I can appreciate it a bit more now I’m not in the crush. I do look rather odd in that picture, like I’m confused about something…

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