What prepares you for the day?

My morning routine

Written in response to Medium’s Writing Prompt – What prepares you for the day?

Morning is perhaps my favourite time of the day. Calm and peaceful, it is my quiet ‘me’ time. My chance to awaken slowly and spend some time alone before forcing myself out into the world.

Some days I go to the gym first thing. On those days I have to jump up and dress quickly, leaving the house in time to arrive at the gym as it opens. Not too early, so I don’t have to stand around waiting in reception. I have 45 minutes to an hour for a workout, then it’s another mad dash to shower and dress, and get to work in time to get a space in the car park.

Going to the gym on a morning isn’t always easy, bit it makes me happy feeling like I’ve achieved something so early in the day!

My morning routine

Once at work though, it’s time for breakfast in the canteen. Always porridge with almond milk and fruit, ready prepared the night before and straight in the microwave to warm up. While I’m eating I read. Sometimes a novel, but usually a design or web development book, or maybe my boyfriends old copy of New Scientist. I like to feel like I’ve learnt something each day.

Then it’s up to my desk, and a cup of tea while I check my emails and really get going.

What’s your morning routine?

2 thoughts on “What prepares you for the day?

  1. You know what, reading this made me think through my routine and realise it’s actually not so bad. Weekdays I wake up (albeit reluctantly at this time of year), shower, dress and have breakfast (usually wholemeal toast and peanut butter, mmm). Then I’ve got a 30 min walk to the station. Once on the train I’ve got an hour to relax, do my makeup, do a bit of writing or drawing but mostly reading. And at the other end I’ve got a 15 min walk to the office to clear my head of the book I was just in. 🙂

    1. It does sound quite relaxing! You get to miss out driving, I think that’s my least favourite part of my day. Any morning where you can read a book before work is a good one 🙂

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