How to set WordPress to Display as a Website instead of a Blog

Who this Guide is For

This guide is meant for people who want to use WordPress as a professional looking website instead of a blog site.

You should already have WordPress up and running on your hosting account.

What we will be Doing

The default display is for WordPress to be set up as a blog, with your posts displayed on the homepage. This can easily be changed so that it works and displays like a normal website, with a customised home page.

How to Set WordPress to Display as a Website

Create home page and blog page

The first thing to do is create your home page under Pages > Add New.

Main menu - Pages - Add New

Call your home page whatever you like, add your content and images to it and when you’re happy with it click publish.

Add a title and some content and click publish

If you want a blog on your website then create a page for that now too, by going back to Pages > Add New.

You can name the page for the blog page whatever you want to, but standard names for it are blog, news, or news and events, depending on what you want to post on your blog

Don’t bother adding content to the blog page though, it won’t be shown. WordPress will take over this page and use it to display your posts.

Set WordPress to use your Home Page as the Front Page

Now you have set up both of these pages go to Settings > Reading.

Main menu- Settings - Reading

Next to the ‘Front page displays entry click ‘A static page’.

Set your ‘Front page’ to the home page you just created, and the ‘Posts’ page to the blog page you created.

Change reading settings

Scroll down to the bottom and click Save Changes.

You’re Done!

That’s it! WordPress will now display as a normal website instead of a dedicated blog site.

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