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This is the fourth and final in my series of notes from the talks I attended at the eCommerce Expo in Manchester. I have also posted my notes from the Evolution of SEO talk, the Return on Investement (ROI) talk, and the Competitive Advantage in Email Marketing talk.

Site Search

Angel Maldona – Search Broker

There are 2 types of buyers:

  1. Committed buyers that know what they want
  2. Browsers who want to see what you have

Committed buyers searches conversion rates are about 10% higher than those who are browsing.

Case Studies of Site Searches by Search Broker

Case Study – Tennis Point

Tennis Point are a company that sell many different brands on their website. Their menu has the option to select products by brand. They added a search function that displays a drop down while the user is typing with brand names and the brand logo.

If the user clicks the brand logo, it brings up the brands products – all in the same space, the user does not have to go to another page.


Case Study – Zara

Zara is a company selling clothes. Their website is very simple and basic, and their site search has no icons or auto complete. When the user clicks into the search box, the rest of the menu contracts, and a search icon appears next to it. Results start appearing underneath the search box when the user starts typing.

It all happens in the same space, not opening a new layer or page.


Cast Study – WAE+

WAE+ have a multi brand site selling everything. They have over 600 categories of products, and sell known and unknown brands. Their search box extends on click and the results appear in a layer over the page. Users can see the price information and add the product to the basket from this layer with no need to go to a new page.


Case Study – Meteor Eletrical

Meteor Electrical are an electrical trade company. They have an instant results page, with popular search suggestions. Icons appear where possible.



Humans make decisions based on emotions, so we need to think about adding expressive elements that match emotions into design. We like things we can interact with, and if we click something we want instant feedback that something is happening.

If the site is selling simple products with no variations than the user should be able to add them to the basket straight from the search results.

Different countries search differently and display different behaviours, eg people in the UK are more impulsive than China.

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