Victoria Sadler – Darkness

Darkness book by Victoria Sadler
I’ve been entering loads of giveaways over at GoodReads recently, and I managed to win a copy of one of the books I wanted to read the most!

Darkness is set in a post-apocalyptic UK where the Western world has collapsed following wars and economic troubles. A group of female terrorists that call themselves RAZR are fighting to destroy what is left of what they believe is a corrupt, patriarchal government.

We follow Laura who has been living in a community in a small block of flats since the world collapsed. Now she has to leave this relative safety and decide if she should follow the new government, or fight for the cause of RAZR.

Laura is a likeable and refreshing heroine. She’s logical and sensible, almost to the point of being cold at first. As the book progresses she starts to make connections with the other women around her.

It was well written, although I did feel the ending was rushed a bit. I will be looking out for other books written by Victoria Sadler.

Goodreads always has loads of giveaways going on – I recommend having a look if you’re after something new to read. I know some people manage to get a few books every month this way.

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